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Pug Rescue of Delaware Valley

Pug Rescue of Delaware Valley is dedicated to the welfare of Pug Dogs. Rescue pugs come from a variety of places and situations.   Some have a beloved owner who is going into a convalescent facility, a retirement residence or who has died and no other family member wants to care for them. Some rescued Pugs are from animal shelters or strays whose owners cannot be found. As hard as is is to believe some rescued Pugs are sometimes given up by there owners after the novelty of owning a Pug has worn off. After being rescued they are placed in a foster home until a permanent home can be found.

We require that a completed adoption form be signed and mailed back to us for review. Approved homes must have a fenced yard or agree to take the dog on daily walks. We require that the dog be an indoor house pet and is not to be kept outside for extended periods of time. You will also need a vet reference which we may call.

Some items on this adoption form may seem rather personal but we need to be very careful about the homes selected for these dogs. Because a rescued Pug has already lost the security of their original home and some have been either abused, abandoned or neglected, the need is imperative to place them in very stable homes. A stable home will give them a strong possibility of being allowed to live out the rest of their lives being loved and well cared for in that same home. Being shifted from one home to another, or worse yet to a shelter is confusing and can be traumatic to the dog. We look for homes that will provide stability and love. We try to remain flexible however, and have in the past made exceptions when we felt these situations were justified. Although these rescue Pugs do need a home, please take the time to evaluate your lifestyle and financial position before adopting a pug.

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